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Welcome to International Yacht School!

Certainly, the chart plotter has made it easier to find the place you want in the archipelago. But there is so much more you have the benefit of knowing. For instance:

How to avoid mistakes that create situations for you, and what you do if it still happens
International Rugulations for preventing Collissions at Sea
How the weather works and why it blows which it should not at all ...
What you are aloud to do and not to do while at sea
How to maneuver a fast motorboat. Or any motorboat.
How to sail your boat correctly
How to use a VHF radio
How to use a radar
How to get a legal right to skip a boat that is 4 x 12 meters or more.
You will never be perfect. But you can learn so much that your boating gets a lot better!

Welcome to the International Yacht School!

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